Audio Lessons

From Generation to Generations - 2019 Asia Pacific Leadership Conference

Title Speaker
01 Growth and Maturity Danny Cabadsan, Chester Umaguing
02 Sustainability Gary Sciascia, Bong Aquino
03 Sheperding Bob & Susan Montealegre, Bob & Susan Wedin
04 Teaching Rolan Monje, Teaching Committees of Metro Manila Sectors and Regions
05 Next Generation Leaders Delano & Nadine Stewart, Anthony & Saun Galang & Ariel Lastrado
06 Plenary - Vision 2020 Update and Lesson; and Imagine 2023 Ariel Lastrado & Rolan Monje

Ignite: 2017 Asia Pacific Discipleship Conference

Title Speaker
01 Opening Lesson: Ignite The World Cesar Lopez
02 Ignite Faith: Men's Class (part 1) Gary Sciascia, Anthony Galang
03 Ignite Faith: Men's Class (part 2) Gary Sciascia, Anthony Galang
04 Ignite Faith: Women's Class Jennifer Lopez, Saun Galang
05 Ignite Faith: Personal Spiritual Development Preston Shepherd
06 Ignite Faith: Singles Class Todd Spath
07 Ignite Faith: Marrieds Class Chester & Sirikit Umaguing, Charlie & Meekyoung Yi
08 Ignite Hope: Maturity Class - 34 and below Ryan Rasines, Arnold Laurente
09 Ignite Hope: Maturity Class - 35 and above Koko & Faridah Enrile, Roy Soriano
10 Ignite Hope: Seniors Class Bong & Thess Aquino, Danny & Girlie Cabadsan
11 Ignite Hope: Preteens Class Carlo & Wing Asuncion
12 Ignite Hope: Preteens Class Enrico & Bing Gaw
13 Ignite Love: Spiritual Growth - 14 and below Ronald Mendres, Merwyn Rostrata
14 Ignite Love: Spiritual Growth - 15 and above Rolan Monje, Rommel Casis, Eric & Lisa Sismaet
15 Ignite Love: Campus Class (part 1) Ariel & Susan Lastrado
16 Ignite Love: Campus Class (part 2) Ariel & Susan Lastrado
17 Sunday Worship Service: Ignite The Dream Koko Enrile

I Am A Disciple: 2013 Philippine Discipleship Conference

Title Speaker
Lessons for Leaders
01 I Am Prayerful Bobby Montealegre
02 I Am Faithful Doug Arthur
03 I Love Integrity Guy Hammond
04 Opening Lesson: Servant By Choice Rolan Monje
05 Defining Spiritual Relationships Anthony and Saun Galang
07 Pursuing Holiness Carlo Asuncion
08 Christ As A Teacher Rolan Monje
09 Christ's Humility Jet Padilla and Elmer Nayre
10 Christ's Obedience Laurence and Tess Cusi
11 Plural Leadership Rico Salcedo
12 Enter The King's Service Elmer Velasquez and Mike Corpuz
13 Family Group Leaders Koko Enrile
14 Strength In Weakness Guy Hammond
15 Reaching Out To Our Parents Joseph and Pearl Silapan
16 Prepared To Answer Rommel Casis
17 Children's Ministry Teachers Andre and Arlene Publico
18 Worship Ministry Tyrone Ty and Teejay Bagasbas
19 Leadership At Home Koko Enrile
20 A Suitable Helper Faridah Enrile
21 Pre-parenting and Family Planning Keith and Lynne Rasmussen
22 Physical Wellness Joel Bagasbas
23 Handling Money Entrusted To You Mabs and Rona Quezon
24 Why Trust The Bible Rommel Casis
25 True Rebels Rolan and Weng Monje
26 Church Belief Marco Mondejar
27 Adding To Your Life Joseph Silapan
28 Praise & Worship Devotional (Lesson Segment) Bong Aquino
29 Praise & Worship Devotional (Lesson Segment) Danny Cabadsan
30 Praise & Worship Devotional (Lesson Segment) Ronald Mendres
31 Sunday Worship Service Sermon Koko Enrile