The Enspire Collective

Written by TJ Bagasbas //  Published

What happens when you put together millennial disciples full of zeal, vision, and artistry to present God in everyday life in their own ways? You get The Enspire Collective.

The Enspire Collective is the brainchild of Derrick and Jamie Mapagu. Derrick is the man behind Most Played Games which created the hit mobile game Flippy Bottle, while Jamie is a lifestyle photographer and stylist. They are a young married couple that are eager to be used by God through their talents and passion. Jamie became a disciple way back when she was still in the teens ministry, while Derrick was her schoolmate whom she reached out to. They got dating and eventually got married married in 2016.

angelica nepomuceno
Angel Nepomuceno, giving a talk about how she became a disciple.

The Mapagus, along with other disciples from the Singles Ministry of ICOC Makati, have been conducting gatherings like Enspire Talks and Enspire Worship Sundays for about a year now to a well-attended audience comprised mostly of artists, media people, young professionals, and others. To date, two attendees of Enspire gatherings have been baptized into Christ—Angel Nepomuceno, a painter/visual artist, and Alvin Yllana, a videographer.

RJ Pineda
RJ Pineda, former keyboardist of Apartel band, shares about his artistic passion.

Check them out on social media and watch some video excerpts from their talks.