First Asian Campus Devotional

Written by Marianne Abalayan //  Published

The Envolve ICOC Philippines will host the First Asian Campus Devotional, dubbed as Asian Borderless Campus Devotional (ABCD) at 7 P.M. (Philippine time) on June 26 via the Envolve Facebook page and Youtube channel.

ICOC Philippines Evangelist Ariel Lastrado said, “The Philippines will host it this month but the future hosts will be rotated. There will be good news sharing and singing from different countries.”

He said ICOC churches from eight nations including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, India, Japan and Cambodia have already confirmed.

“We are working on other Asian countries to also join,” Lastrado said, adding that the First Asian Campus Devotional will be aired via live broadcast on Envolve ICOC PH Facebook Page and Envolve ICOC PH Youtube Channel.

A live fellowship will follow after the devotional video premier via Zoom rooms.

Organizers assured a worship to remember in this devotional that aims to unite campus disciples all over Asia.

For updates, please check out the Envolve ICOC Facebook Page.

Envolve is a ministry of college students of the ICOC Philippines that aims to spread the Gospel through creating inspiring content.