ICOC Nagcarlan Officially Launched


Over 360 disciples, friends, family members, and guests gathered for the inaugural worship service of the International Churches of Christ (ICOC) Nagcarlan, marking its official launch on March 10, 2024, at the TPS Chipeco Avenue Calamba City, Laguna.

ICOC Nagcarlan, a mission church planting by ICOC Laguna, presented uplifting songs of praise and worship, inspiring testimonies, and insightful reflections during the Sunday service. Church leaders of the SouthGeo region churches also graced the occasion.

ICOC Nagcarlan ministry leaders Lito and Bella Resane, among the first 100 disciples of ICOC Philippines, warmly welcomed attendees, setting the tone for the service.

Homer and Maricris Lanuzga shared their transformative journey, inspiring their family and friends to embrace their faith. Their faith and devotion led to the baptism of 14 individuals from 2021 to 2022, including their parents, in-laws, siblings, neighbors, officemates, and relatives — a testament to God's grace.

Marvin Adel delivered the communion message, while Odie Zafra brought disciples back to the heart of giving.

Evangelist Norberto "Bong" Aquino preached a message of transformation, rooted in God’s goodness and mercy, with Colossians 1:9-12 as the focal verses.

He underscored the importance of strong leadership anchored in God, commending Laguna's efforts in equipping the Nagcarlan church as a means of evangelism and advancing God's kingdom.

ICOC Laguna region leaders Jessie and Mildred Ibay, overseeing ICOC Nagcarlan and missionary ministries in Biñan and Calamba, reflected on the journey of the Nagcarlan church, responding to the sermon's challenge.

The service concluded with a heartfelt prayer for the church's growth, led by Edwin and Sheila Edulzura, leaving a sense of humility, unity, and hope among all present.


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Humble beginnings

Jessie Ibay recalled the modest beginnings of ICOC Nagcarlan, starting with a small mission team in San Pablo in 2017, led by the southeast area cluster of ICOC Laguna in 2017, which grew to 26 disciples before the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

Amid the pandemic, when everything else seemed paralyzed, God's Word found its way into the hearts of the people in Nagcarlan, resulting in the mission team's growth to over 40 disciples.

"In 2022, we decided to create the ICOC Nagcarlan missionary ministry, which currently has a membership of 52 disciples, including four core group members," he said.

Looking ahead, Ibay shared aspirations to split ICOC Calamba in 2025 through faith and prayer, trusting in God's grace.

With ICOC Nagcarlan now an official church, hopes are high that more people in Laguna will encounter life-changing experiences through a relationship with Jesus.

Watch the inspiring journey of ICOC Nagcarlan in this video:


Join us in worship

To our dear friends in Nagcarlan, we invite you to worship with us at the Purok #1 - Brgy. Talangan, Nagcarlan (Laguna Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/QVVW6hVwoGuPwM518), every Sunday at 9:30 AM! 


We eagerly await your presence! (With a report from Jessie Ibay, ICOC Laguna)


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