A Call Of Duty: Philippine Teen Camp 2013

Written by TJ Bagasbas //  Published

As teens mature and approach college life, harder choices cross their paths and decisions they will make will have more impact on them later on.

Teens in the church today need to recommit themselves to a higher standard, one in which will help them not succumb to the pressures of the world. Things concerning movie ratings, parties, dating locations, etc., need to be brought in a new and passionate light, with full and complete dedication to the call of Christ and the Gospel. Remember, with every temptation you encounter, God will make a way of escape. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

It's summer vacation again. No more books. Goodbye to tons of schoolwork! Well, at least for the meantime. But for the church's youth, summer vacation is extra exciting due to the annual Philippine Teen Camp, one of the biggest events, if not the biggest in the church's calendar.

This year's camp entitled "A Call Of Duty" was more memorable and more life-changing. The highlights included a workshop/seminar covering various aspects of a teen's life, such as family relationships, peer pressure, dating and purity; who Jesus is and reasons why one needs to follow him. All the lessons were thoroughly discussed using the Bible, and illustrated by movie excerpts to make them more impacting as well as relevant.

Each teen participant had their own personal retreat, their time to reflect on life and relationship with God—a time to experience a turning point. After the heart-moving workshop, the final night of the camp concluded with a party with lots of fun, food, and friendship!

Over 150 teens from different regions in Metro Manila and youth ministries from different provincial churches joined this year's camp.

Our greatest desire for the teens ministry is to see everyone have a memorable spiritual experience, at the same time to have a lot of fun and bonding times. The church has always believed in seeing the youth grow up upright and holy, living to win the favor of God and men in all circumstances. It is also our goal to see the youth revive their energy and vitality as they participate in uplifting and worthwhile activities. We aim to enhance their full potential to become not only responsible citizens, but future examples of goodness that our country is so desperately in need of.